25 01, 2019

Fated Adversary – Exclusive Novella


What happens when one retired history professor seeks out an opponent to help drive away his boredom whilst waiting for the latest news on his test results in the hospital? He makes friends with one of the hospital's most common residents. An opponent he never sees nor hears from, dragging his fellow floor patients into a game of chess he might soon

Fated Adversary – Exclusive Novella2019-01-25T16:37:33-07:00
16 01, 2019

After Dark Event (Colorado Springs, CO) Adults +21


News has spread among the ether of an event so thrilling and mind-blowing it can only be for those ages twenty one and older... Pffff! Na... It's just twenty one and older cause there are drinks for those worthy of age. It's that time again for the Space After Dark Event happening at the Colorado Springs Space Foundation and Discovery Center Friday, January

After Dark Event (Colorado Springs, CO) Adults +212019-01-16T17:47:54-07:00
16 01, 2019

Chapters One Through Three of Sem Adventures Now Available!


Sem Adventures Across Time Audiobook As the start of the new year unfolds, so to has the start of the newest novel series Sem Adventures Across Time Audio Edition! Over Thirty Nine Chapters of the cinematic audio tracks have begun release, including over 50 professional and talented voice actors playing each beloved character. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll hear every heart stopping moment from

Chapters One Through Three of Sem Adventures Now Available!2019-01-25T13:32:16-07:00