News has spread among the ether of an event so thrilling and mind-blowing it can only be for those ages twenty one and older…

Pffff! Na… It’s just twenty one and older cause there are drinks for those worthy of age. It’s that time again for the Space After Dark Event happening at the Colorado Springs Space Foundation and Discovery Center Friday, January 18th, starting at 5:30 PM. There will be drinks. There will be arts and artisans. There will be SPACE STUFF! I know, right? I just blew your mind half way to Mercury. Best come to the event and see if they have a spa

ce ship equipped and ready for launch cause you’re gonna wanna go get it. I’ll be there offering copies of Sem and Ally Adventures and DATO, and be doing my best not to run in sheer terror of the need for social meetings. Just approach the table really slowly like trying to pet a fawn in winter and don’t make any loud noises.

I know… I know… Some of you have been chewing bite marks into your cellphone with anticipation for Pursuit of Orlinia. There was about to be an exclusive sale of the book while the audio book is being made at the event, but… someone who will not be named (Amazon) has taken their sweet time in printing said book. So next time you receive a box in the mail, shout at the delivery person like a angsty teenager expressing your dissatisfaction! Actually, don’t do that. It’s not their fault. They’re just doing what they do best and that nice new pair of beats headphones you’ve been dying to get may arrive in a box smashed with tire marks driven across it.

None the less, I hope to see you at the coolest space event on this side of the Rockies!

From Your Friend in the World Between Worlds,

~ TS