Summertime Madness

Summertime Madness

Summertime Madness!!

The flowers are in bloom, the rains continue to cleanse the air, and the sky speaks in a formidable and booming voice…

It’s Summertime! And with summer comes more updates for my readers.

As of right now, the latest Sem and Ally Adventures audiobook is complete, with its release continuing from now until the end of September. Following the final chapter, as well as a brief bonus chapter from the upcoming sequel, Ally: Guardian of Worlds, the release of the next TS Wieland Audiobook, DATO, will begin. If you’d like to learn more on the subject, please come visit the TS Wieland Patreon page and join in on the chance for extra content and gifts.

Following the conclusion of the deep space horror adventure, a special short from the Sem and Ally Adventure series will be released to help tame the ever-growing hunger from my readers for more thrills.

Writing is under way for the latest sequel for Sem and Ally Adventures, while a small short from the series is undergoing editing and revisions. Some readers have contacted me in regard to the status of the completed novel, Pursuit of Orlinia, and although I can confirm the novel is finished, it is serving as a flagship in the hunt for literary representation. However, following the production of DATO, if no offers have come forth, the novel will be self-published and released with its very own audiobook, same as the others (assuming Patreon funding can back the project).


Personal Life

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’ll known that this has been a very busy summer. With my best friend and brother getting married, the time to write comes all but brief. Plans have been set into motion for me to make more appearances at your local conventions, otherwise, there’s no urgent news to share. No news is good news as they say!


Blog Topic – Inspiration vs Motivation

Recently, I had one reader ask me the question, “What is it that inspires you?”

Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but I know we all have our sources of inspiration. There’s other books, fellow writers, artists, musicians, movies we see, stories we hear from friends, or even things we see everyday. As for me, it’s all of them. We all have our own creative process, but as to where I come up with my story ideas, that comes from the grand and ever expanding world around us both past, present, and future.

Some days, an idea for Sem and Ally Adventures is born from a simple question I ask myself, leading to a dissecting of the subject until I am struck by a moment of revelation. While other days, the plot may emerge from the fog of the void and I’ll be left adding flesh and muscle on to until what I hope to be a beautiful adventure worth every twist and turn for my readers and not some ungodly monster I can’t escape from. 

On the other hand, what some of my readers might be meaning to ask is, “What drives you or helps get you in the mood to write?”

That is a different kind of flower cut from the same stock. I find motivation, or  inspiration as some may put it, from other great works in the arts. Great films in particular. If I’m needing to write a scene of loss and heartache, I’ll listen to a score from a film sharing a similar scene. Or if I’m about to write a scene that’s exciting or fun, I’ll turn to a classical theme of adventure. If I’m about to write a novel themed around the subject of ambition and passion, I’ll explore classical works by artists and authors who followed the same road, or even explorers, rulers, or great minds from history. History is all about stories, each with their own ending; both sad and happy. So if you’re ever needing a boost in your writing, try watching a scene from your favorite film, listening to a song that taps into your personal well of feelings, or try reading about the lives of those who came before us. You never know. You might just stumble upon your next big idea.


Stories Worth Hearing

With the subject of inspiration this month, I also have been wanting to share with my readers some of the many stories which have helped shape me as an author. Some of which may even help shape you or your own work. So, here’s the first of what I hope to be many entertaining and informative videos around stories that have led me to where I am. And to start it off, here’s one about our man of tormented passion, Vincent Van Gogh.

Creators To Check Out

Melissa Sheldon

Alright, so with the newest DATO audiobook on the verge of beginning production, I was contacted by fellow creator of podcasts named Melissa Sheldon. Melissa is a fantastic voice actress who shares a true ambition for the craft, who I’m excited to say, will be preforming in the upcoming DATO Audiobook. So, if you’d like to check out more about Melissa or her podcasts, feel free to visit her on Twitter or on her website. Her voice work is out of this world!

That’s all for the time being, but I hope to share more updates with you all further down the road. If you haven’t checked out the latest audiobook release, be sure to join us now! It’s an experience worth every high-flying moment of heart stopping excitement, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. I can guarantee it.

Best Wishes to You All from Your Friend in the World Between Worlds!

~ TS Wieland

Spring Fever – Audiobook News and Updates

Sem: AAT Audiobook

Chapters one through seventeen are now available for the most recent Sem Adventures Across Time Audiobook! I’ve been working with and coordinating over fifty-seven uniquely professional voice actors in helping me take on this epic adventure through the ages, packed with heart warming scores and high quality sound effects, so be sure to check out this latest audiobook story that I can guarantee will be like nothing you have ever heard before. Craziest part is, it’s all free! Chapters Eighteen through Thirty-Nine are set to be released starting next month through September, so there’s plenty of chapters to get caught up on and even more to come.

Sem and Ally Adventures Official Website

Sem: AAT Audiobook – SoundCloud, YouTube

DATO Audiobook

Following the final Chapter of the Sem and Ally first book audiobook, release will begin of the next TS Wieland Audiobook, DATO. A deep space survival horror that should have all the same trimmings of the Sem and Ally Adventures Audiobook, only with a more terror around every corner. The cast is set to be picked out starting this summer, with production beginning in August. Whether or not the audiobook will be ready in time for the October release date is still a mystery. If you’d like to help speed up progress though, feel free to join the TS Wieland Patreon and gain early access to content and special items for fans.

Time to Write

Balancing between creating fully cinematic audiobooks and writing novels can be tricky, and with the summer time warm weather comes the perfect time to write in Colorado. Work on the second installment of the Sem and Ally Adventures series has already begun, with hopes it’ll be completed by September of this year, allowing for the long and laboring process of editing to begin. In the meantime however, production on the DATO audiobook will continue to help make sure there are no gaps in between books. Additionally, there is a new wiki site up and available for fans of the Sem and Ally Adventure series which will continuously be updated as the story goes along.

That’s the most recent news I can offer right now, but if you’d like more back to back updates, be sure to join the TS Wieland Patreon
or feel free to follow me on Twitter.

All the best for now from your friend here in the world between worlds!

~ TS Wieland

End of February Updates – Sem Chapters 1 through 7 Now Available!

February was crazy man! Like… surf the waves with a blindfold on crazy! Alright, so here’s the scoop for what all has happened in February.

Sem: Adventures Across Time Audiobook

If you keep up to date on the TS Wieland Patreon, you’ll see that Chapters One through Seven are now up and posted on SoundCloud for everyone to enjoy. If you haven’t checked that out yet, you’re about to fall way behind, cause this train has no breaks. Also, there is now an official YouTube page for all TS Wieland Audiobooks! Complete with images and illustrations for the story as the splash screen. Heck yea! Our main cast has been slaying it better than a crusading knight against a tyrannical dragon with a hoarding problem! Along side them is an ever growing series of heroes joining our crusade, leading to what I can guarantee to be one of the coolest audiobooks you’ll ever listen to. To keep things authentic for the portion of the story set in medieval France, I’ve been doing my best to gather a cast of folks of exclusive French nationality. Thankfully, I’ve had some serious help from our friend Luc de Villa playing the role of Chris spreading the word on my behalf. Now, if only I can find a Lady Emily…

Pursuit of Orlinia

Yea… that’s a touchy subject. It’s done! Like… really done. But we’re still trying to coordinate some aspects on the business side. Believe it or not, in the world of authorship today, some people don’t like it when you take matters into your own hands. Yet, I’m not one for watching the paint dry only to discover you put oil on the wall and not paint. Life is short, time is precious, and I have way more stories to tell. However, if you want a copy, skip on over to the TS Wieland Patreon and if you join as a $10 or more Patron, you’ll be sent an exclusive copy ASAP. It’s the story of one big time billionaire who thinks he has everything, only to take a bet from a friend and spend three days on the lower city streets and discover from a young woman how having nothing can mean more than having everything.

Fated Adversary

The exclusive TS Wieland novella, Fated Adversary, is now available for Patreon supporters as well. I know, I know. But I can’t give everything away for free. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s an incredibly heart warming story about an old college professor who plays a game of chess verse and unknown opponent while in the hospital. Though, as he continues to play his game, he discovers the opponent he is facing might be more deadly than he thought, as each move of his game impacts the lives of the other people he’s made friends with on his floor. It’s so good in fact, there’s been many talks of converting it into a script and being made into an independent film with some folks I’ve met in Nashville. Nothings in stone of course, but it’s still worth checking out!

Personal Life

As for the home front, not much has changed. The world keeps spinning, and I keep dreaming. I recently came across a fantastic series on Netflix titled Medal of Honor, which tells the stories of a few young men in US history worthy of the US highest military honor in a cinematic fashion. Guys that when they saw their friends in danger, love and courage took over. It’s a quality that I aspire to write into all of my books, preaching selflessness, open mindedness, and courage. A few aspects of my own life I try my hardest to live up to. If you don’t know me personally, I can tell you I have enormous respect for the military. Facing some of the worlds darkest times and overcoming fear is true heroism, and I admire that. I live no more than a stones throw from THEE United States Air Force Academy and have for all my life, so having heroes walking among the streets around you makes it hard to leave as a writer of courageous protagonists. BUT, I have been aspiring to move to the UK for sometime. Love the history, culture, and atmosphere. My life’s been needing a little adventure, so I can’t say I’ll be grounded here for very long. As much as I wish I could be like Ally and be dragged from my life into a grand adventure, blazing my own trail will have to do.

Anyway, enough of the rambling. I know it’s grown stale reading the cheesy text images with flowers saying “Keep your head up!” on every social media platform, but those kinds of phrases are cheesy and cliche because they hold some serious truth. As I began to write Sem and Ally Adventures, I just wanted to go an adventure through all the wondrous worlds I read and learned about growing up. Worlds with pirates, chivalrous knights. revolutions for liberty, wars where peoples true colors came forward, and when the dust settled, the loving bonds created between people were all that remained. But what I discovered instead in writing the series, and continue to discover, is how it embodies the concept of how important we all are. How one life is important, as much as some of us might think it’s not. Without you, this world could not go on. If you disappeared, this world would being calling out for you endlessly with a broken heart, praying for a savior to find you and bring you home. So, take comfort in knowing you matter. And although I can’t say for certain there are two guardians out there watching over each and every world, I can say that if there are, they are people like those who have been awarded the medal of honor. Role models for courage, bravery, kindness, love, and selflessness. Heroes who represent the best qualities humanity has to offer. So, stay strong in the fight, be kind to whomever you meet, and just keep on fighting. You don’t earn medals fighting for yourself. You earn them fighting for those whom you care about and for causes bigger than yourself.

All the best from your friend here in the world between worlds,

~ TS

(Also, this music has got me hooked. If you like cinematic scores, this is totally worth a listen.)


Chapters One Through Three of Sem Adventures Now Available!

Chapters One Through Three of Sem Adventures Now Available!

Sem Adventures Across Time Part One & Two

Sem Adventures Across Time Audiobook

As the start of the new year unfolds, so to has the start of the newest novel series Sem Adventures Across Time Audio Edition! Over Thirty Nine Chapters of the cinematic audio tracks have begun release, including over 50 professional and talented voice actors playing each beloved character. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll hear every heart stopping moment from the exciting time travel search and rescue series with chapters being released weekly starting February 1st every Friday. Now, I know some of you are real go getters out there and can’t wait for each chapter to come out. But fear not. There is another way to get the release even faster…

Official TS Wieland Patreon

By visiting and joining the Official TS Wieland Patreon page, you’ll be given early access to all the chapters of the book for the current month! AND you can even get a copy of the book itself shipped to your doorstep! That’s bananas! I know right? I just used the word bananas! I even bolded it too. Anyway, if you’ve grown to love Sem and Ally Adventures novel series, or you just love audio books or even audio drama’s, show your excitement by contributing as little as $2 a month in favor of more audio books. In return, you’ll gain exclusive access to a whole world of new and exciting content ranging from more short stories, more dramas, more books, more merchandise, more of everything!

Once again, I’d like to thank all our current Patrons for being as awesome as they are, and a happy new year to you all!

From Your Friend in the World Between Worlds!

~ TS



May Updates!!

May is coming to a close, and along with that comes even more updates! Along with a new amazing website, a lot has happened over the past several days, including exciting news on Pursuit of Orlinia, and new developments in the world of Sem and Ally Adventures.

Pursuit of Orlinia

First off, I would like to mention that Pursuit of Orlinia is finally through the first draft phase and has moved on to the shorter process of content editing. The next step involves checking both characters, dialogue, story, and so on for continuity from beginning to end. Once that is all said and done, next comes the process of proof editing, which always takes some time to make sure things are as perfect as they can be. Afterward, there will be a release of the book for those listed and registered to find any odds or loose ends, followed by more editing, and then the final and official public release scheduled later this fall. So, check back soon if you’d like to read the book before the public release and offer your feedback!

Currently the release date is scheduled for September of this year, 2018.

In the meantime, work has begun on organizing the final cover for the book along with a few minor character renditions and other illustrations by some of the worlds most talented artists.

What is Pursuit of Orlinia about some of you might ask? It’s a romance adventure! A story of two people from opposite worlds, who not only change each others lives for the better, but the lives of those around them as well. It’s a modern fairy tale about love, greed, discovery, and adventure which will have you turning pages late into the night. So, if you’re a fan of true love, exciting adventures, and self discovery, I know you’ll enjoy this latest novel!


Sem and Ally Adventures

The first draft for the next addition to the Sem and Ally adventure series, Ally: Guardian of Worlds, is already in full swing, with the first draft already 1/3 through completion with even more to come. Currently the release of the book is set for later this year (2018), with the public release set to be at the start of next year.

Work has also begun on creating the newest Sem: Adventures Across Time audible edition, which we hope will be one of the best audible books ever! Plans for a fully based soundtrack and voice cast are in full swing, along with amazing narration. So, more news on this project will be on the way, so stay tuned!


Several TS Wieland short stories will be added in the next upcoming months for FREE (100% Grade A, Guaranteed with No Strings Attached), so be sure to check back and fill that reader’s craving you can’t quite shake. That’s all that can be said for now, but be sure to check back next month for our June update. Have a lovely summer and keep letting your imagination run wild!

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