Fated Adversary – Exclusive Novella

What happens when one retired history professor seeks out an opponent to help drive away his boredom whilst waiting for the latest news on his test results in the hospital? He makes friends with one of the hospital’s most common residents. An opponent he never sees nor hears from, dragging his fellow floor patients into a game of chess he might soon regret playing.

My latest novella, Fated Adversary, is now exclusively available with Patreon access. A thrilling modern drama packed with suspense!

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About the Story:

After taking a nasty fall while walking across his home college campus, one lonely retired history professor seeks out a friend to play a game of chess with while spending his days in the hospital. Only the game he now plays against his unknown opponent may include the lives of those on his floor, against a foe he has come to fear…

The eight part drama will soon be unfolding for Patrons throughout the next few weeks, along side the continuous release of the first ever Sem and Ally Adventures audiobook. A new “Short Stories” tab has also been added to the site, hosting a few other free TS Wieland short stories and novella’s; including a thrilling short story written as one of Rod Serlings famous Twilight Zone series episodes titled The Nightmare of Lindsey Halpart. Check it out now!




After Dark Event (Colorado Springs, CO) Adults +21

After Dark Event (Colorado Springs, CO) Adults +21

News has spread among the ether of an event so thrilling and mind-blowing it can only be for those ages twenty one and older…

Pffff! Na… It’s just twenty one and older cause there are drinks for those worthy of age. It’s that time again for the Space After Dark Event happening at the Colorado Springs Space Foundation and Discovery Center Friday, January 18th, starting at 5:30 PM. There will be drinks. There will be arts and artisans. There will be SPACE STUFF! I know, right? I just blew your mind half way to Mercury. Best come to the event and see if they have a spa

ce ship equipped and ready for launch cause you’re gonna wanna go get it. I’ll be there offering copies of Sem and Ally Adventures and DATO, and be doing my best not to run in sheer terror of the need for social meetings. Just approach the table really slowly like trying to pet a fawn in winter and don’t make any loud noises.

I know… I know… Some of you have been chewing bite marks into your cellphone with anticipation for Pursuit of Orlinia. There was about to be an exclusive sale of the book while the audio book is being made at the event, but… someone who will not be named (Amazon) has taken their sweet time in printing said book. So next time you receive a box in the mail, shout at the delivery person like a angsty teenager expressing your dissatisfaction! Actually, don’t do that. It’s not their fault. They’re just doing what they do best and that nice new pair of beats headphones you’ve been dying to get may arrive in a box smashed with tire marks driven across it.

None the less, I hope to see you at the coolest space event on this side of the Rockies!

From Your Friend in the World Between Worlds,

~ TS

Chapters One Through Three of Sem Adventures Now Available!

Chapters One Through Three of Sem Adventures Now Available!

Sem Adventures Across Time Part One & Two

Sem Adventures Across Time Audiobook

As the start of the new year unfolds, so to has the start of the newest novel series Sem Adventures Across Time Audio Edition! Over Thirty Nine Chapters of the cinematic audio tracks have begun release, including over 50 professional and talented voice actors playing each beloved character. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll hear every heart stopping moment from the exciting time travel search and rescue series with chapters being released weekly starting February 1st every Friday. Now, I know some of you are real go getters out there and can’t wait for each chapter to come out. But fear not. There is another way to get the release even faster…

Official TS Wieland Patreon

By visiting and joining the Official TS Wieland Patreon page, you’ll be given early access to all the chapters of the book for the current month! AND you can even get a copy of the book itself shipped to your doorstep! That’s bananas! I know right? I just used the word bananas! I even bolded it too. Anyway, if you’ve grown to love Sem and Ally Adventures novel series, or you just love audio books or even audio drama’s, show your excitement by contributing as little as $2 a month in favor of more audio books. In return, you’ll gain exclusive access to a whole world of new and exciting content ranging from more short stories, more dramas, more books, more merchandise, more of everything!

Once again, I’d like to thank all our current Patrons for being as awesome as they are, and a happy new year to you all!

From Your Friend in the World Between Worlds!

~ TS



December Update – Sem Audiobook (Still Aiming For January)

As the project pushes ever closer to it’s January deadline, I’d like to personally take the time to thank everyone who’s been checking in on the project and offered their support. I cannot express how amazing it is to hear the hard work, love, and passion being expressed through every performance and audition I’ve heard so far. It is seriously one of the most magical experiences, worth writing in its own book.

I’ve had 1,000 auditions for the project come through my ears, and I wish everyday I could give them all their very own character in the Sem and Ally trilogy. Even with the project far from over, I still wish I could fit them all in.

So, with the holidays now among us, I wanna once more thank everyone. You guys are brilliant and make this long journey worth every step. There’s still a long road ahead, but with supporters and characters such as yourselves there along the way, I couldn’t turn back even if I wanted to.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Best Wishes From Your Number One Fan,

TS Wieland

Patreon Audio Books

Patreon Audio Books

October Time!

Join the Patreon Support Page for the Sem: Adventures Across Time Audio Book

We’ve officially begun taking in pledges to help support the funding and creation of the first Sem and Ally Adventures audio book, as well as the very first ever TS Wieland audio book. Gotta say, I’m super excited to hear the story for myself the way it was always meant to be shared. Every heart wrenching moment, adrenaline pumping thrill, and every joyful moment I ever experience while writing the first novel will now become a reality for others to enjoy. I always tell folks, as much as I write these novels for others, I’m always writing them for myself first. Because my standards are high, and if I don’t like it, neither will you.

So, it is with enormous excitement, I’m happy to announce the first ever public sample of the series is now free to check out. It’s not the adrenaline quite the action I promised, yet… but another sample is soon to follow. The series will be fully available through SoundCloud to listen to, only in waves. Three chapters will be released each month, and those who offer there support will gain early access and special privileges.

In other side news, the release of Orlinia has once more been pushed back due to unforeseen problems. The book is finished and awaiting a release, but speculation has begun with the upcoming release of the Sem and Ally Adventures Audio Book that the best move for the novel may be a release along side an audio book version. This would put the release date for the novel around next spring, which is WAY later than I ever wanted for it. I have many, many, many more books to write, so having one being held on to with additional work makes the need for your support that much more important.

Our cover artist, Justine Malconteno, has already created an awesome and amazing cover for the final product. His talents and hard work can not be understated.

I wish I could say more, but that’s all I have for now. I plan to attend more conventions next year, so I’ll be sure to post up my schedule. For now, I wanna thank all of you for following me on my journey, and remind you to never stop doing what you love. We all have our own dreams and aspirations to follow, so just remember, no matter how rough and rocky the road may be, so long as you trust and have faith in yourself, you can see those dreams through to the end.

My Best Wishes to All of You on Warm Winds!

~ TS


July 2018 Updates – Sem Audible, Orlinia Release, and New Patreon

A lot has been going on this passed month. Everything from starting new projects, and getting ready to finish up new ones. There’s news on the latest new TS Wieland book, Pursuit of Orlinia, and news on the new audio book project for Sem and Ally Adventures.


Pursuit of Orlinia News 

Pursuit of Orlinia is still on track to be released this Fall, 2018, with a closed release happening this September to those special few who are just dying to read it. We’ve moved onto our next phase of line editing, having finished up our run through of content editing, then we’ll be moving on to final copy editing before formatting and printing can begin. I’ve heard a lot of great feed back and wonderful compliments from those who have helped with the beta readings, so I’m really excited for the release.

NEW Sem Audible Project 

Work has already begun on converting the second edition of Sem: Adventures Across Time, both parts one and two, into a full blown audio book and new third edition release. The audio book will feature a full voice cast, sound effects, and of course a narrator. The voice actors for Sem, Ally, and Otto have officially been chosen, and I’m excited for you to hear them. A trailer for the audible will be released prior to the first chapter, so look out for some new and exciting stuff. The project will begin production starting next month, and the first chapter will be released starting next year along with the new third edition version of the two books. All the chapters will be released over the next few months, with options for early access through my new Patreon page, which leads me into our next update.

NEW Patreon Page 

To help fund future audible projects, we’ve created a Patreon page to not only help bring these books into the modern age of storytelling, but to also help support other aspiring actors, writers, and artists have their creative be shown. With even a $1 donation a month, you’ll gain early access to the Sem Audible chapters as they are released freely online. So, if you’re a fan of my books, show your support and help other creative and talented people in the process. Right now, there are no benefits until the first chapter release starting next year, but I and I know my fellow creative friends would be forever thankful.

Link: TS Wieland Patreon

Other than all that, that’s the latest update. I apologize for the LONG delay on the next Sem and Ally novel, but we prefer to make sure the first novel is at least somewhat ready for it’s epic sequel. As a gift for those who have been waiting so long, I am arranging a “special” surprise to go along with the final chapter of the audible marking it’s release.

Thanks everyone!

May love and dreams find you with warm winds.

~ TS

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