February was crazy man! Like… surf the waves with a blindfold on crazy! Alright, so here’s the scoop for what all has happened in February.

Sem: Adventures Across Time Audiobook

If you keep up to date on the TS Wieland Patreon, you’ll see that Chapters One through Seven are now up and posted on SoundCloud for everyone to enjoy. If you haven’t checked that out yet, you’re about to fall way behind, cause this train has no breaks. Also, there is now an official YouTube page for all TS Wieland Audiobooks! Complete with images and illustrations for the story as the splash screen. Heck yea! Our main cast has been slaying it better than a crusading knight against a tyrannical dragon with a hoarding problem! Along side them is an ever growing series of heroes joining our crusade, leading to what I can guarantee to be one of the coolest audiobooks you’ll ever listen to. To keep things authentic for the portion of the story set in medieval France, I’ve been doing my best to gather a cast of folks of exclusive French nationality. Thankfully, I’ve had some serious help from our friend Luc de Villa playing the role of Chris spreading the word on my behalf. Now, if only I can find a Lady Emily…

Pursuit of Orlinia

Yea… that’s a touchy subject. It’s done! Like… really done. But we’re still trying to coordinate some aspects on the business side. Believe it or not, in the world of authorship today, some people don’t like it when you take matters into your own hands. Yet, I’m not one for watching the paint dry only to discover you put oil on the wall and not paint. Life is short, time is precious, and I have way more stories to tell. However, if you want a copy, skip on over to the TS Wieland Patreon and if you join as a $10 or more Patron, you’ll be sent an exclusive copy ASAP. It’s the story of one big time billionaire who thinks he has everything, only to take a bet from a friend and spend three days on the lower city streets and discover from a young woman how having nothing can mean more than having everything.

Fated Adversary

The exclusive TS Wieland novella, Fated Adversary, is now available for Patreon supporters as well. I know, I know. But I can’t give everything away for free. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s an incredibly heart warming story about an old college professor who plays a game of chess verse and unknown opponent while in the hospital. Though, as he continues to play his game, he discovers the opponent he is facing might be more deadly than he thought, as each move of his game impacts the lives of the other people he’s made friends with on his floor. It’s so good in fact, there’s been many talks of converting it into a script and being made into an independent film with some folks I’ve met in Nashville. Nothings in stone of course, but it’s still worth checking out!

Personal Life

As for the home front, not much has changed. The world keeps spinning, and I keep dreaming. I recently came across a fantastic series on Netflix titled Medal of Honor, which tells the stories of a few young men in US history worthy of the US highest military honor in a cinematic fashion. Guys that when they saw their friends in danger, love and courage took over. It’s a quality that I aspire to write into all of my books, preaching selflessness, open mindedness, and courage. A few aspects of my own life I try my hardest to live up to. If you don’t know me personally, I can tell you I have enormous respect for the military. Facing some of the worlds darkest times and overcoming fear is true heroism, and I admire that. I live no more than a stones throw from THEE United States Air Force Academy and have for all my life, so having heroes walking among the streets around you makes it hard to leave as a writer of courageous protagonists. BUT, I have been aspiring to move to the UK for sometime. Love the history, culture, and atmosphere. My life’s been needing a little adventure, so I can’t say I’ll be grounded here for very long. As much as I wish I could be like Ally and be dragged from my life into a grand adventure, blazing my own trail will have to do.

Anyway, enough of the rambling. I know it’s grown stale reading the cheesy text images with flowers saying “Keep your head up!” on every social media platform, but those kinds of phrases are cheesy and cliche because they hold some serious truth. As I began to write Sem and Ally Adventures, I just wanted to go an adventure through all the wondrous worlds I read and learned about growing up. Worlds with pirates, chivalrous knights. revolutions for liberty, wars where peoples true colors came forward, and when the dust settled, the loving bonds created between people were all that remained. But what I discovered instead in writing the series, and continue to discover, is how it embodies the concept of how important we all are. How one life is important, as much as some of us might think it’s not. Without you, this world could not go on. If you disappeared, this world would being calling out for you endlessly with a broken heart, praying for a savior to find you and bring you home. So, take comfort in knowing you matter. And although I can’t say for certain there are two guardians out there watching over each and every world, I can say that if there are, they are people like those who have been awarded the medal of honor. Role models for courage, bravery, kindness, love, and selflessness. Heroes who represent the best qualities humanity has to offer. So, stay strong in the fight, be kind to whomever you meet, and just keep on fighting. You don’t earn medals fighting for yourself. You earn them fighting for those whom you care about and for causes bigger than yourself.

All the best from your friend here in the world between worlds,

~ TS

(Also, this music has got me hooked. If you like cinematic scores, this is totally worth a listen.)