What happens when one retired history professor seeks out an opponent to help drive away his boredom whilst waiting for the latest news on his test results in the hospital? He makes friends with one of the hospital’s most common residents. An opponent he never sees nor hears from, dragging his fellow floor patients into a game of chess he might soon regret playing.

My latest novella, Fated Adversary, is now exclusively available with Patreon access. A thrilling modern drama packed with suspense!

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About the Story:

After taking a nasty fall while walking across his home college campus, one lonely retired history professor seeks out a friend to play a game of chess with while spending his days in the hospital. Only the game he now plays against his unknown opponent may include the lives of those on his floor, against a foe he has come to fear…

The eight part drama will soon be unfolding for Patrons throughout the next few weeks, along side the continuous release of the first ever Sem and Ally Adventures audiobook. A new “Short Stories” tab has also been added to the site, hosting a few other free TS Wieland short stories and novella’s; including a thrilling short story written as one of Rod Serlings famous Twilight Zone series episodes titled The Nightmare of Lindsey Halpart. Check it out now!