Time to start this new decade running on all cylinders! So, here’s the latest progress report.

DATO Audiobook – %50 Complete

The DATO Audiobook is half way complete with the other half set to be finished this month. I know you all have bee waiting and you all have been so patient. I’ve gotten queries in my inbox wanting to know when it’ll be complete, and while I can’t give an exact date, I can say it’ll  be soon. Very soon… The actors are currently wrapping up their first run throughs, so all that’s left will be the redo’s and editing.

Life’s always throws curve balls at us, which has been the case for some of our actors. And in the end, life always takes priority. As we can’t offer our actors, editors, and artists the ability to dedicate their full time to the projects, the amount of time it takes to create these projects ends up being longer than we all want to wait. Time is money as they say, so the best we can  hope for is bringing in more new  patrons this coming year to help shorten the return time for each of the projects.

Sem and Ally Adventures

The Sem and Ally Adventures second novel, Ally: Guardian of Worlds, is facing its final moments of first writing. After which, second round editing can commence which takes far less time than writing the initial first draft. After that, our hope is to send it off for rounds of editing starting sometime in February with the goal of having it available in time for Denver Pop Culture Con July 4th.

2020 Books and Audiobooks

The need for new books has begun to outweigh the number of audiobooks being made. So, in response, this Spring and Summer will see a lack of audiobook production, and an increase in new book content. You may be asking the question, what will I see instead of audiobooks here on the sight? The answer is: MANY NEW THINGS!

I’ll be posting up new updates on the books, along with glimpses at the stories themselves, but also there will be a wave of links to other great  audiobooks being developed that share the same standards and qualities as the TS Wieland audiobooks. There will be new merchandise coming, new shorts, the skies the limit. The audiobooks will still be the ultimate goal however.

Planned Books To Come With The 2020 Decade:

– A New Untitled Adventure Series (Four New Books)

– WWII Novel Series (Four New Books)

– Untitled Victorian Horror Novel

– New Novel Set in the Orlinia Universe (Sequel to DATO & Pursuit of Orlinia)

– Conclusion to the Main Sem and Ally Adventures Story

– Prequel Series to the Sem and Ally Adventures (Three New Books w/ Erland, Sem, and Aria)

– Ongoing Short Stories for the Sem and Ally Adventures

With this list there’s at least 15 new novels currently set to be written this coming decade with each one getting it very own audiobook. As the decade progresses, our goal will be to branch out further and bring in new help.

So, here’s to a new decade set on new stories, new adventures, and new memories. Hope all is well in your own world and may your 2020 be filled with adventure!

~ TS