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Summertime Madness

An update from adventure fiction author, TS Wieland, discussing the subject of inspiration and the latest introduction to fellow creator, Melissa Sheldon.

Spring Fever – Audiobook News and Updates

Sem: AAT Audiobook Chapters one through seventeen are now available for the most recent Sem Adventures Across Time Audiobook! I've been working with and coordinating over fifty-seven uniquely professional voice actors in helping me take on this epic adventure through...

End of February Updates – Sem Chapters 1 through 7 Now Available!

February was crazy man! Like... surf the waves with a blindfold on crazy! Alright, so here's the scoop for what all has happened in February. Sem: Adventures Across Time Audiobook If you keep up to date on the TS Wieland Patreon, you'll see that Chapters One through...

Fated Adversary – Exclusive Novella

What happens when one retired history professor seeks out an opponent to help drive away his boredom whilst waiting for the latest news on his test results in the hospital? He makes friends with one of the hospital's most common residents. An opponent he never sees...

After Dark Event (Colorado Springs, CO) Adults +21

News has spread among the ether of an event so thrilling and mind-blowing it can only be for those ages twenty one and older... Pffff! Na... It's just twenty one and older cause there are drinks for those worthy of age. It's that time again for the Space After Dark...

Sem & Ally Adventures

“An adventure across time, to return home.”

Sem and Ally Adventures is a book series about Ally Claude and her adventures across time with her new friend and Guardian of Worlds, Sem. Together, they travel across worlds in search of people who have ended up in the wrong place and time. On their journey, they run into exciting, historical characters and danger lurks around every corner. Sem and Ally Adventures is a fantastic story filled with imagination and romance.


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