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October Time!

Join the Patreon Support Page for the Sem: Adventures Across Time Audio Book

We’ve officially begun taking in pledges to help support the funding and creation of the first Sem and Ally Adventures audio book, as well as the very first ever TS Wieland audio book. Gotta say, I’m super excited to hear the story for myself the way it was always meant to be shared. Every heart wrenching moment, adrenaline pumping thrill, and every joyful moment I ever experience while writing the first novel will now become a reality for others to enjoy. I always tell folks, as much as I write these novels for others, I’m always writing them for myself first. Because my standards are high, and if I don’t like it, neither will you.

So, it is with enormous excitement, I’m happy to announce the first ever public sample of the series is now free to check out. It’s not the adrenaline quite the action I promised, yet… but another sample is soon to follow. The series will be fully available through SoundCloud to listen to, only in waves. Three chapters will be released each month, and those who offer there support will gain early access and special privileges.

In other side news, the release of Orlinia has once more been pushed back due to unforeseen problems. The book is finished and awaiting a release, but speculation has begun with the upcoming release of the Sem and Ally Adventures Audio Book that the best move for the novel may be a release along side an audio book version. This would put the release date for the novel around next spring, which is WAY later than I ever wanted for it. I have many, many, many more books to write, so having one being held on to with additional work makes the need for your support that much more important.

Our cover artist, Justine Malconteno, has already created an awesome and amazing cover for the final product. His talents and hard work can not be understated.

I wish I could say more, but that’s all I have for now. I plan to attend more conventions next year, so I’ll be sure to post up my schedule. For now, I wanna thank all of you for following me on my journey, and remind you to never stop doing what you love. We all have our own dreams and aspirations to follow, so just remember, no matter how rough and rocky the road may be, so long as you trust and have faith in yourself, you can see those dreams through to the end.

My Best Wishes to All of You on Warm Winds!

~ TS


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