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Sem: Adventures Across Time

Young Ally Claude dreams of traveling the world and having adventures like the ones she reads about every day as an editor. There’s one problem: she’s terrified of the unknown. After a mysterious stalker follows her home one evening, Ally’s life of comfort and security are stripped away in a flash of light. She’s carried off in the arms of a man dressed in armor—a man whose fate is soon tied to hers. Ally discovers she is yet another victim of a vast cosmic phenomenon that has transported her from her own world to another place and time. Lost somewhere between worlds, Ally and her new friend and savior, Sem, must travel across time to find and save the others stranded across the ages in the hope that, one day, they might all return home.

Part One
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Krista made a disgusted face at her. Ally realized she was very close to crossing the line, so she crammed a couple almonds in her mouth to avoid saying more.

“Just get him to sign the contract, or you’ll find yourself working for a small-town children’s book publisher in someone’s basement. Maybe that would be a better fit for your childish aspirations.”

Ally hoped it was an empty threat. Krista was just the office know-it-all who had gained her position by marrying the owner’s son, but Ally also knew Krista had influence.

Krista turned and walked away with an exasperated sigh. “And stop eating at your desk!” she yelled from down the hall.

“Witch,” Ally replied under her breath.

Ally placed a few more almonds in her mouth and turned back to her computer. She sorted through the phone directory to find the number for Walter Steel.

She reached over, grabbed the phone, and typed in his number. Lifting the phone to her ear, she tried to think of what to say as it rang. She hoped he wouldn’t answer.

The thought of going out to meet with a client scared her for some reason. Not because she didn’t want to be social or meet anyone but because she feared the unknown. The worry of something unexpected happening paralyzed her.

Ally always planned her days down to the minute. She never strayed from those plans unless it was necessary, and even then, she feared the change in destination . . .

Ally stared up at the ceiling fan for a minute, resting her head back on the chair. Her eyes began to ache as they focused on the fan spinning overhead. Staring into fan, Ally began to once more acknowledge the same boring repetitiveness of her life. Nothing ever seemed to change. Nothing ever seemed to happen. Although she knew she mostly had herself to blame for it.

By now she was beginning to feel like she might welcome being dragged away from her usual life.


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