Sem: AAT Audiobook

Chapters one through seventeen are now available for the most recent Sem Adventures Across Time Audiobook! I’ve been working with and coordinating over fifty-seven uniquely professional voice actors in helping me take on this epic adventure through the ages, packed with heart warming scores and high quality sound effects, so be sure to check out this latest audiobook story that I can guarantee will be like nothing you have ever heard before. Craziest part is, it’s all free! Chapters Eighteen through Thirty-Nine are set to be released starting next month through September, so there’s plenty of chapters to get caught up on and even more to come.

Sem and Ally Adventures Official Website

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DATO Audiobook

Following the final Chapter of the Sem and Ally first book audiobook, release will begin of the next TS Wieland Audiobook, DATO. A deep space survival horror that should have all the same trimmings of the Sem and Ally Adventures Audiobook, only with a more terror around every corner. The cast is set to be picked out starting this summer, with production beginning in August. Whether or not the audiobook will be ready in time for the October release date is still a mystery. If you’d like to help speed up progress though, feel free to join the TS Wieland Patreon and gain early access to content and special items for fans.

Time to Write

Balancing between creating fully cinematic audiobooks and writing novels can be tricky, and with the summer time warm weather comes the perfect time to write in Colorado. Work on the second installment of the Sem and Ally Adventures series has already begun, with hopes it’ll be completed by September of this year, allowing for the long and laboring process of editing to begin. In the meantime however, production on the DATO audiobook will continue to help make sure there are no gaps in between books. Additionally, there is a new wiki site up and available for fans of the Sem and Ally Adventure series which will continuously be updated as the story goes along.

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