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Summertime Madness!!

The flowers are in bloom, the rains continue to cleanse the air, and the sky speaks in a formidable and booming voice…

It’s Summertime! And with summer comes more updates for my readers.

As of right now, the latest Sem and Ally Adventures audiobook is complete, with its release continuing from now until the end of September. Following the final chapter, as well as a brief bonus chapter from the upcoming sequel, Ally: Guardian of Worlds, the release of the next TS Wieland Audiobook, DATO, will begin. If you’d like to learn more on the subject, please come visit the TS Wieland Patreon page and join in on the chance for extra content and gifts.

Following the conclusion of the deep space horror adventure, a special short from the Sem and Ally Adventure series will be released to help tame the ever-growing hunger from my readers for more thrills.

Writing is under way for the latest sequel for Sem and Ally Adventures, while a small short from the series is undergoing editing and revisions. Some readers have contacted me in regard to the status of the completed novel, Pursuit of Orlinia, and although I can confirm the novel is finished, it is serving as a flagship in the hunt for literary representation. However, following the production of DATO, if no offers have come forth, the novel will be self-published and released with its very own audiobook, same as the others (assuming Patreon funding can back the project).


Personal Life

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’ll known that this has been a very busy summer. With my best friend and brother getting married, the time to write comes all but brief. Plans have been set into motion for me to make more appearances at your local conventions, otherwise, there’s no urgent news to share. No news is good news as they say!


Blog Topic – Inspiration vs Motivation

Recently, I had one reader ask me the question, “What is it that inspires you?”

Now, I can’t speak for everyone, but I know we all have our sources of inspiration. There’s other books, fellow writers, artists, musicians, movies we see, stories we hear from friends, or even things we see everyday. As for me, it’s all of them. We all have our own creative process, but as to where I come up with my story ideas, that comes from the grand and ever expanding world around us both past, present, and future.

Some days, an idea for Sem and Ally Adventures is born from a simple question I ask myself, leading to a dissecting of the subject until I am struck by a moment of revelation. While other days, the plot may emerge from the fog of the void and I’ll be left adding flesh and muscle on to until what I hope to be a beautiful adventure worth every twist and turn for my readers and not some ungodly monster I can’t escape from. 

On the other hand, what some of my readers might be meaning to ask is, “What drives you or helps get you in the mood to write?”

That is a different kind of flower cut from the same stock. I find motivation, or  inspiration as some may put it, from other great works in the arts. Great films in particular. If I’m needing to write a scene of loss and heartache, I’ll listen to a score from a film sharing a similar scene. Or if I’m about to write a scene that’s exciting or fun, I’ll turn to a classical theme of adventure. If I’m about to write a novel themed around the subject of ambition and passion, I’ll explore classical works by artists and authors who followed the same road, or even explorers, rulers, or great minds from history. History is all about stories, each with their own ending; both sad and happy. So if you’re ever needing a boost in your writing, try watching a scene from your favorite film, listening to a song that taps into your personal well of feelings, or try reading about the lives of those who came before us. You never know. You might just stumble upon your next big idea.


Stories Worth Hearing

With the subject of inspiration this month, I also have been wanting to share with my readers some of the many stories which have helped shape me as an author. Some of which may even help shape you or your own work. So, here’s the first of what I hope to be many entertaining and informative videos around stories that have led me to where I am. And to start it off, here’s one about our man of tormented passion, Vincent Van Gogh.

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Creators To Check Out

Melissa Sheldon

Alright, so with the newest DATO audiobook on the verge of beginning production, I was contacted by fellow creator of podcasts named Melissa Sheldon. Melissa is a fantastic voice actress who shares a true ambition for the craft, who I’m excited to say, will be preforming in the upcoming DATO Audiobook. So, if you’d like to check out more about Melissa or her podcasts, feel free to visit her on Twitter or on her website. Her voice work is out of this world!

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That’s all for the time being, but I hope to share more updates with you all further down the road. If you haven’t checked out the latest audiobook release, be sure to join us now! It’s an experience worth every high-flying moment of heart stopping excitement, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. I can guarantee it.

Best Wishes to You All from Your Friend in the World Between Worlds!

~ TS Wieland