Pursuit of Orlinia

As one of the world’s most successful billionaires of the future, Antony Carcalla has everything he could ever want—except people who actually care about him for the man he is and not for what he has. But after betting a friend he can survive living on the city streets for three days, Antony meets someone who changes his world forever.


After an accident onboard Artie and Lara Glenn’s ship costs DATO, the company they work for, millions, the married duo puts their plans for a much-needed vacation on hold. Instead, Artie and Lara embark on a twenty-six-day journey back to Earth to repay their debt. But when another devastating accident cripples their ship beyond repair, the five-man crew discovers this journey will be nothing like the others.

Sem: Adventures Across Time

Young Ally Claude dreams of traveling the world and having adventures like the ones she reads about every day as an editor. There’s one problem: she’s terrified of the unknown. After a mysterious stalker follows her home one evening, Ally’s life of comfort and security are stripped away in a flash of light. Ally discovers she is yet another victim of a vast cosmic phenomenon that has transported her from her own world to another place and time.

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Sem: Adventures Across Time


Pursuit of Orlinia


What Readers Are Saying

“I’ve been intrigued by the Sem and Ally Adventures for awhile and was excited to see this book published. It was a really fun read and kept my interest from start to finish. I am anxiously awaiting a sequel!”

“What an amazing book! The author has such talent—drawing you into the story, so engrossed you forget about reality.”

“I cried at least five times, two of those moments was gross sobbing in a public place.”

“The story was not readily predictable (any predictions I made were dead wrong) and each turn of events was an emotional surprise.”

About the Author

Praised for his endless creative worlds and emotionally impactful stories, TS Wieland is an adventure fiction novelist from the beautiful mountains of Colorado. With a lengthy background in the arts and entertainment industry, working alongside musicians, visual artists, and actors, TS Wieland is well known for bringing his tales of danger and excitement to life in more ways than one.

Shy and imaginative as a child, TS’s passion for storytelling grew with a love for the arts and history, lead by a desire to explore and discover the unknown. Following the success of his original time travel search and rescue series, Sem and Ally Adventures, his passion for writing has only grown. Both young and ambitious, he continues to write in Colorado alongside his friends and family, ready offer his readers even more nail-biting and hair-raising adventures.


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